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               Our Connect Groups operate at various times and seasons.  Some run on a semester basis while others operate all year long.  We have seasonal and topical groups as well.   And while we strive to cultivate a healthy culture of fellowship and community at Faith Evangelical Free Church, we encourage our Connect Groups to observe periods of rest between seasons and occasional breaks from meeting regularly each week. During the break periods, however, it is not uncommon for the groups to host a few get-togethers in lieu of a regular meeting.
               If you would like more information about a particular Connect Group, or are interested in joining a group, we invite you to contact the group leader through the form below.  Just click on the name of the group.  Feel free to ask Connect Group leaders for details about the topic of study, books, directions, etc. 

               If a group is closed, feel free to email that leader with inquires about future classes.     

Group            Day         Time          Type           Location      Childcare   Status               

Amazing Grays        TUE            10 AM           50+ Women      @ Church               No                      Closed

Caret Group             WED          6 PM             Women               @ Church              Yes                      Open

Cheesman Group    MON         6 PM             Women               Winslow                 No                     Open

Crane Group             THU          630 PM        Men                      Oakland                 No                     Open

Dionne Group          TUE           6 PM              Women               Oakland                  No                    Open

GriefShare Women SAT           10-12 AM     Women               @ Church                No                    Open        

Fairchild Group        THU           6 PM             Mixed                   Oakland                  No                    Open

Farnham Group       SUN          3:30 PM       Mixed                   @ Church                 Yes                  Open

Gardner Group         TUE           6:30 PM      Couples                Albion                      No                   Open 

Haskell Group          WED         7 PM              Mixed                   Manchester            No                   Open

Henker Group          THU          630 PM        Mixed                   Oakland                   No                   Closed

Higgs Group             WED         6 PM              Mixed                   Pittsfield                  No                   Open

Kenney Group         SUN          6 PM              Mixed                   @ Church                 Yes                  Open

Hallee Group           SAT           730 AM         Men                      @ Church                 No                   Open

Phillips Group          SUN          5 PM              Mixed                   Vassalboro              No                   Open

Over the Hill Gang TUE            730 AM        55 + Men             @ Church                 No                    Open

Cucci Group            MON          600 PM        Men                      @ Church                No                    Open

Fournier Group       TUE            6 PM             Women               @ Church                No                    Closed

Family Focus           SAT            3 PM              Families               @ Church                NA                   Open

Connect Moms      THU           930 AM        Moms/kids          @ Church                Yes                  Open

Sheridan Group      TUE           6 PM              Couples                @ Church                Yes                  Open

The Vine                   FRI             6 PM              Young Adults      @ Church                Yes                  Open

              Interested in starting a group of your own?  CLICK HERE to learn more!